Effect of nakshatra on plants

Effects of nakshatra or planets on humans is expressed multiple times and many people practice this effect as well to predict future. Here we will talk about the effect on plants and I will explain why knowing this fact is equally important.



Like human body, plants as well have a cycle of birth (when we plant the seed and the tree grows) and decay (when tree dies after certain amount of time). Oak tree has an average age of 75 years where maple lives for 100 years, the long living tree is Banyan more then 250 years. Similarly plants has age boundations as well but plants live for relatively shorter time span. This data clearly tell us that plants has life and energy ( well this fact is proven by many scientists and by many means ) and if they do have so it means there will be a cycle as well when the amount of energy in them is high or low, like we have sometimes we feel very energetic and in healthy mood where sometimes we feel very drowsy and sleepy (filled with negative energy).

We should understand this cycle before using the plant/tree or flower for pooja or medicine, because if we will do that we will get best output. For example – On Mahashivratri the Bael plant ( known as wood apple or stone apple as well ) emits maximum amount of positive energy, hence this plant is used to owner Lord Shiva on Maha Shivratri. Old sages computed the energy cycles of different plants very carefully and drafted them in different books. Books like ayurveda, where they explained when to take any specific plant for medicines and different anushthaan or tantra book where they specified for certain articles but with that it is also specified that when to collect the item, in-fact some of the processes suggest that go to the plant one day in advance and do a pooja of the plant and then request the plant that you will come tomorrow and you will use the plant for so and so purpose, then you request the plant to keep ready with complete energy. This looks a bit weird but if you think about the psychology behind these texts it is clear that the old and wise people told us to respect the energy cycle of the plants for best results.

If we talk about Alchemy, then considering the nakshatra is most important, If you go through “Parad Samhita” for every process whereever a plant or plant extract is involved the time to get the plant the time to get the extract is clearly mentioned.



Another important thing, Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is the only plant in the world which is considered full of energy round the clock and all 365 days a year. This plant is the biggest enemy of Cancer and most powerful in treating many small diseases as well. In Damar Tantra as well different uses of Tulsi are explained, perhaps this is the only reason in Hindu Books, tulsi is considered as most holy plant. Even if someone is dying the last thing offered to him/her is tulsi to purify the soul in last moments.

In “Charak Samhita” and “Sushrut Samhita” as well both the sages emphasised on keeping a good time in sight when you go to get a medicine from a plant, they specifically condemned the time of eclipse for such activities.

Not only for plants, the old texts describe time for every small move. For Example in Damar Tantra ( where urine therapy is explained ), this is clearly mentioned that Urine should be collected between 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM in the morning and initial 1/4 part and last 1/4 part of total urine should be avoided and the middle one should be collected, this is equal to nectar. So when they specify the process to such fine grained level then this clearly means that time and nakshatra’s are very very important in almost everything that we do in our life, and taking due care of right time is always best for us.


हे महादेव, आपके पावन चरणों में समर्पित

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